The onbuhimo is my favourite carrier of all, due to its fantastic simplicity.

It is so easy to understand and with an absolute adjustment minimum.


You simply sling your babe on to your back and tighten the straps.

Now don’t get me wrong, as with all carriers, there is a learning curve, but this is so intuitive, it’ll have you addicted in no time!


The onbuhimo is worn as a backpack and unlike most other baby carriers it does not have a waistband, which enables wrap worthy high back carry that gives your curious child a great view of the world.



  • Ergonomically shaped shoulder straps that fit the curve around your shoulder.
  • Back Carry
  • Chest strap helps to spread the weight from your shoulders to your entire torso.
  • Detachable hood for your sleepy baby
  • Adjustable shoulder strap length
  • Adjustable panel height and width




Recommended for children who can sit unassisted.

Usable for children up to 25 kg

All buckles are approved for 60kg, while webbing is approved for 286kg


Custom Order


Just fill out the order form on this site and I will get in contact with you on where and how to send your wrap.


You don’t have to use your entire wrap to get a new carrier, there are several conversion choices depending on how much fabric you have available.


Full conversion

Front and back panel, hood and back of shoulder straps.

Wrap usage: 1,5 m


Half conversion

Front panel, hood and back of straps

Wrap usage: 1 m


Panel conversion

Panel and hood only

Wrap usage: 0,75 m


NB! The wrap needs to be at least 60 cm in height for Size 2 and 3 or 70 cm for size 3, unless the design is meant to follow the length of the wrap.

In that case, more wrap fabric might be needed.


Extra long shoulder straps?

Our standard straps are 34 cm long, while the extra long are 42 cm.

The extra length straps are good if you are above 185 cm tall and broad across chest and shoulders.

If you are not sure if this is you, I recommend ordering the standard size, because you might not be able to get your child up high enough or cinch the straps thight enough, which might be unsafe for your child. 

Custom Onbuhimo

kr 1.199,00Price
Strap length
Strap material