Questions and Answers


How long does it take to make a carrier?

It takes between 1-3 weeks, depending on amount of ongoing orders and my daily life :)


How much fabric do I need for a carrier?

This actually depends on how much fabric you have available :) 

A full conversion Onbuhimo requires 1,5 metres of a wrap of at least 60 cm in width, while a full conversion SSC requires 2 metres. 

If the wrap is narrower than 60 cm, I will need about 2 metres for an onbuhimo and 2,5 for an SSC. 


If you have less than this, you can always choose a part conversion.

In that case I will supplement with a uniform coloured wrap fabric of your choice.


Please read the requirements here;

For Onbuhimo



Can my fabric be too thin or too thick to use for a carrier?

Your fabric can never be too thin, if it is very light, I will simply use supportive fabric inside the panel of your carrier.

I have not yet encountered a fabric that is too thick, but there are limits, if in doubt, please ask!


I am not sure what size to choose?

Bairn Carriers comes in sizes 1,2 and 3.

Size 1 usually fits children with clothing sizes 68-80

Size 2 fits 80-92

Size 3 fits 92-110



It is important to note that all children are different and if you wish to be absolutely certain of what size to order, please follow these directions:


I need special measurements to fit my child, can you help?

If for some reason the standard measurements does not fit your child( i.e. legs too long) please do not hesitate to contact me for a custom made carrier!.

You may also consider if it is enough to simply choose a bigger size and adjust the width or height of your carrier, for a perfect fit!


I am tall and/or broad shouldered and/or broad chested.

Can I use your Onbuhimo?

My usual recommendation is to choose extra length straps, if you are more than 185 cm tall and broad across chest and/or shoulders.


Your straps are so thin, are they really comfortable?

The short answer is yes! 

They are indeed thin and the reason they can still comfortably carry the weight

of your child comes down to shape, width and choice of material.


You might have noticed that unlike most other carriers, these are curved.

You see the same on high grade hiking backpacks.

When the shape of your shoulder straps follows the contours of your upper body, they are less likely to rub and pinch your shoulders and armpits. 


The width is also a very important factor. As you might have experienced with wraps, a wider spread of fabric, means greater distribution of weight.

Bairn straps are wider than most carriers, which allows them to be a lot thinner and less bulky on your shoulders.


Most carriers uses some kind of foam padding, more commonly used in cushions and other soft interior. This is not however, the best material for a carrier. 

Bairn Carriers uses a mix of highly durable closed cell foam and a light layer of soft woolen or cotton batting for absorption of moisture and comfort. 

Where most padding tends to compress under pressure, closed cell foam holds its shape, making the load feel much lighter with much less material needed.

Again making the straps a lot less bulky. 


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