The Carriers

Although there are significant difference between the two types of Bairn carriers, there are also some similarities.



All Bairn carriers are designed to be just as

ergonomical for the wearer as the wearee. 

Bairn shoulder straps are not straight, but wide and j-shaped.

This distributes the weight much more effectively across your shoulders and prevents rubbing the delicate skin around your shoulder and armpit. 



I strive to incorporate as many sustainable materials

into my products as possible. 

I am however, often hindered by safety

and the need for perfect comfort. 

All buckles and webbing must be weight tested

and only nylon fits the safety standards.

All webbing in Bairn carriers is approved for up to 286 kg and the ladderlocks are tested for up to 60 kg at least.

Happily, these are detachable and recyclable.


The foam I use is also oil based, but I am constantly researching the market for sustainable alternatives, so hopefully this is only a question of time!


On a happier note, all my stabilizing fabrics are GOTS certified, including the layer of woollen batting in the straps.

If you make a custom order, I am also able to offer GOTS certified fabrics for backing.

For example, if you only have enough fabric

for the front of the carrier.