Which carrier?

To choose the right carrier for your needs,

you need to know the features of each.

Below is a good overview and comparison between the two styles of carriers.



Designed for front and back carry,

although primarily made for back carrying.

No waistband

Adjustable width and heigth in panel

Usable from the time your baby can sit unassisted

up to 25 kg

Detachable hood

Great for high back carries, easy quick ups

and maternity wearing(no waistband)


Soft Structured Carrier (SSC)

Designed for both front and back carry, 

although you can not achieve the same high back carry as in the onbuhimo, due to the longer straps.

Adjustable height in panel and adjustable width in waistband

Usable from approximately 3,5 kg to 25 kg


Detachable hood

Great for carrying your child from the beginning

and long walks due to the larger 

weight distribution from the waistband.